Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Phil McClean. I am a self taught multi instrumentalist and media composer. My self taught methods have helped me avoid the so called restraints and rules that other composers would be inclined to follow. In effect, there are no rules and I believe that this is a huge positive on my work as regards to thinking outside the box. I have released a number of songs which have received positive reviews on SPOTIFY but my true love is in instrumental music and it is this, on which the site shall focus on.

Having only recently over the last couple of years started to take my work in a professional direction - I achieved 9th place on The International Horror Hotel's Film Scoring Competition and my piece "Sleep Paralysis" was accepted as a hidden bonus track on the soundtrack to the hit documentary "In Search Of Darkness" which debuted in the Billboard EDM Top 5 Charts. I write in a variety of cinematic genres from classical to EDM to metal and any genre in between. I have a particular passion for ethnic middle eastern and gypsy music.

I will take pride in providing a professional and engaging soundtrack to your film or game that you, yourself will be proud of. 

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