"Ride On" as performed by Christy Moore, takes on a life of it's on when you hear it. It's iconic, hell - it's an anthem. And it is virtually untouchable and to think it could be is pure sacrilege. So the rest of us mere mortals can only tread around a perfect song with our imperfect versions. I recorded my own version over a year ago and being unhappy with it, consigned it to the "vaults" as it were. Said "vaults" being a dusty old hard-drive.

Recently having moved, a lot of old stuff has popped up out of everywhere and upon reviewing the files on my hard-drive, I rediscovered my recording. There was a certain charm to it, my view had softened through time. My broken down voice surprised me coming out of the speaker. It had been that long since I recorded my vocals, I'd forgotten the sound of my own voice. I've always veered between trying to sing and struggling with a singing voice a good few years of chain smoking can produce, but I kind of liked this version.

So yesterday, I sat down with the rough version and added a few strings and an oboe. That was what I'd been missing in the mix. Amazing the clarity of a year can produce when you've thrown something by the wayside. I love this song and I'd never do it a disservice. I only hope someone else will find a place in their ears or heart for my own humble version. This is "Ride On". Thanks for listening.

I employed my trusty Partsocaster "Selena", and a treble boosted Boss CE-5 into a Liverpool pedal (Vox Sim). The strings and woodwinds were samples from Eastwest Hollywood Strings, Woodwinds respectively.


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