2018 - Plots and plans.

A very happy new year to you all! I've been pretty busy musically. Personally too - and this will take precedent over the next couple of months as plans come to fruition so expect my musical output to be significantly less during this time.

I've signed up for an international trailer scoring competition, which I have completed over the Christmas but the final judging takes place in April, so I must keep the piece to myself before then. Anyone who is curious or willing to take part can find the details at HORRORHOTEL.NET.

I've reviewed the previous competition winners and it does seem pretty competitive and high quality. I'm also happy with my own efforts and quite confident in my ability, as one would need to be. It involves scoring a trailer (provided) which is shorn of the original music.

The trailer is of the film "The City Of The Dead" renamed "Horror Hotel" for American audiences. It features Christopher Lee in a Hammer-esque role typical of his career at the time c.1960.

It provides pure gold in terms of theme and timing and I think I may be on to a good thing with what I have created. Watch this space and thanks for reading.

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