Top of the pile! The International Horror Hotel Film Fest: Scoring Competition

A first place finish! My first ever as regards to scoring, so permit me to milk it a little.

Back in 2019, I entered my first ever scoring competition and it was this very one. It has since changed ownership recently enough, but I was feeling nostalgic so I went in search of my laurel. )I finished 9th place, which I was delighted with. Not bad for a first timer. And yes, I always celebrate the small stuff - we only live once.

Anyway upon my return to the site, I became aware it had been given a massive overhaul and had come under new management. I also noticed they were still running a scoring competition. This competition takes a random horror film, which can be a classic / indie or lower budget and provides a trailer for you to score. There are no rules on instruments, orchestration. It is left entirely up to the composer's discretion and then you get to work.

This year's trailer was ‘Leviticus’ or the alternate title which gave me a chuckle due to it's lack of subtlety and tongue firmly in cheek ‘LGBT: Lethal Gay Butcher of Terror’. It's an intriguing premise. A masked serial killer is terrorising and murdering men in the gay community. And a detective is put on the case, who as it happens is a member of the LGBTQ community.

I only found out yesterday that I had won, as news is filtering out. And I'm still not 100 percent as to when I can share it but I'm hoping to, very soon.

I do believe that I have used certain characteristics of a sound, that I could term “my own”. Straddling the lines of orchestral and Industrial / metal sounds. Similiar to 'The Last Illusion'. Growing into my own, if you will. 

Right now, I'm happy to stop and smell the roses. I hope I can share with you soon.

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