Bear Hugs: Mixing in 5.1 SURROUND SOUND

Have attempted my first surround sound mix (5.1) for film recently and took a few liberties with sound placement but it's ok, I can't fire myself!

Recently I came up with a score (not the original) to the short film "Bear Hugs". The subject matter is hard hitting and may trigger some individuals who may have suffered or witnessed the scourge that is domestic violence so approach with caution, please. I will leave a link to the surround sound mix (as Youtube doesn't accommodate the format, simply downmixing it to standard stereo) below the stereo mixed video. Keep in mind that you MUST have a surround sound set up to actually listen to the 5.1 mix properly. That's 6 speakers (or more) on your TV or pc. L+R Stereo, Centre Speaker, L+R Side / Rear Speakers and a subwoofer. Of course you can still attempt to listen to it but you will find yourself missing important sounds etc. The dialogue is kept exclusive to the centre monitor, except for the concluding part which included muffled arguing so I routed that to the Side / Rear speakers for greater effect.

FYI: The video must be downloaded to hear the Surround audio as to just play it online only outputs to stereo.

I completed the original in stereo which I will leave here:

BEAR HUGS 5.1 can be downloaded here.




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