Magic Month.

October always feels magic. It's my favourite time of year. Samhain draws in and spooky season really begins. I love those witchy forest walks, just before twilight hits and the changing light tricks the eye into seeing things…..

Having completed the score to my first feature length film*, which I loved - I dove headfirst into October.

I have been working hard on a special project which I can't really divulge any details yet. Bar the music I have written is amongst the most unusual for me. As it is coming from a “Scandi-noir” place, which is more about texture and mood, than a melodic place. Not that I didn't get to flex a little melodic muscle either!

This project, you can tell it's coming from a group of very talented people who clearly love what they do and want to create something special. I was very lucky to be invited on the project, and as is the way with the composers, I arrived post production. And was hugely impressed with what I was presented with. As such it made my job easier with the presentation and as a result, the inspiration that followed. As previously stated, I can't really share anything more with you but I am excited to share all, once I get the nod!

In other news, “Hangin' On The Line” was officially selected amongst the nominees for “Best Music Video” category. On my 40th birthday, no less! It feels unusual that my film making skills are under the microscope, as opposed to my musical ones and I won't deny the degree of pride knowing this video was filmed in a box room with a RealMe C21 android phone. November 26th is D-Day. I have no idea if it will make it any further along in the process. But for now, I'll enjoy my little 15 minutes of fame, as it were.

Magic month indeed.

*"Am Fear Liath" which is in post production from Bren Enterprises. It also feels pretty damn special, and we are trés excited! We have a blog about this incoming soon.



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