Why so serious?

I've recently been checking out my competition's websites. It's good for comparison's sake. You can pick up ideas, appreciate how far you have to go and find out what makes them tick. But there is one thing that is a common denominator: In their photos, they look completely miserable. 

The majority of these seem to be generally Berklee / Julliard grads. I always thought having that kind of educational clout behind you, you'd be a happy camper, proud as punch. I'd scream it from the rooftops. Frame it on the wall! College was never an option for me. I never aspired to it. I generally hated my school years. They were boring, I often felt like an idiot and therefore had no drive to learn. I was in many ways, the quintessential "Weird Kid". The only good thing I brought with me from school, was a couple of close friends.

And to those who did it, more power to them. They should be rightly proud of their achievements. But back to these moody 80's band style photos. Many composers seem to be unable to crack a smile, even their eyes bear no hint of emotional salience. So I tried a few moody pictures myself, but not too serious. Here's an example...

There's a little levity behind my eyes. I'm not exactly smirking, but there's definitely a sense of humour there. I don't want to look completely unapproachable!

I can understand actors having these types of photos. It's all about range. But I don't see why composers (not all of them do it, of course) feel the need to plaster photos which just make them appear uncomfortable, depressed and / or constipated. Maybe it helps them be taken more seriously. Or maybe that's how they wish to perceive themselves.

I won't post any of the guilty parties' photos but here's Tears for Fears, doing a pretty spot on impression of what I'm talking about...

Not knocking the band. It was always their "thing" and they've released some cracking songs to boot. This is just similar to the visual wares many of these composers post on their website. So, why so serious? I may give it a lash myself.

EDIT: My wife, full of wisdom and more smarts than I (College kid, y'know?) has just informed me as these composers tend to be Berklee and Julliard graduates and all, they clearly have a mountain of student debt to their names. "You'd be f***in' miserable too, Phil."

There endeth the lesson.


Couple more moody pictures here, as I contemplate the nature of student debt. And strange camera angles. 

Thanks for reading folks. Stay healthy, be happy.

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