Backyard Gothic Soundtrack (A Guide)

So, I have released the soundtrack to Backyard Gothic HERE on BANDCAMP.COM.

"Even before the film is completed?" I hear you exclaim. Yes, it generally works for Christopher Nolan / Hans Zimmer and whilst I'm in no way comparing their world conquering exploits to mine - it seems to have renewed the enthusiasm I originally had for the project and sonically has influenced certain camera angles and techniques so it's a win / win. It's a necessity too.

A- It gives a little buzz and has reignited conversation about the film and ...

B - Every penny the soundtrack makes is going straight back into financing the movie.

I have been feverishly composing since August and this is the fruit of my labours. I have no doubt, there will be new pieces as the filming progresses but rest assured, anyone who has already or is planning to buy the soundtrack will receive these free as a bonus for their trouble and a huge dose of my heartfelt gratitude.

As is we have.

1: "Main Titles" - Does exactly what it says on the tin, whilst introducing us to our heroes: Charlie and his best friend, Jellybean. His trusty Cavalier King Charles.

2: "Monsters Are Real" - An ominous cautionary narrative from a grown up Charlie as we journey through a storm hit neighbourhood.

3: "Bad News" - It's rare to hear good news on the telly anymore.

4: "Beast In The Backyard" - What lurks outside in the dead of night?

5: "Silver Bullet or Holy Water" - How do you kill a monster? Ok Google....

6: "Cain Gives Chase" - A race for survival as a shocking discovery is made.

7: "A Mother's Love Vs The Big Bad Wolf" - There's someone at the door...

8: "Charlie To The Rescue" - Charlie and his Uncle Eddie attempt a daring rescue.

9: "A Hero Falls" - Not everyone will survive....

10: "Farewell To A Friend / Prepare for War" - Vengeance in the air.

11: "The Final Confrontation" - The proverbial shit hits the fan.

12: "The End" - Or is it?

Still curious, check out HERE with MASSIVE thanks to Pijus Jasaitis!

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