Rejection Email...and I'm happy about it.

I received my first ever rejection email today and felt oddly... satisfied. 

It's a strange feeling but bear with me. As a media composer, your professional life is basically one whole "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" through lots of emails, and the result of those is almost always, a radio silence. This morning I received an email informing me that amongst a lot of competition, they had opted to go with somebody else but they would keep me in mind for future projects etc. I was addressed personally at the top, so even if it had been a copy and paste email - it still felt personable.

What surprised me was the fact I actually received an email, at all. And it contained the fact they were aware I had sent several pieces of work. I believe I may have sent enough to the point of pestering, unintentionally, as my first email was stupidly sent minus any examples. Enough to make any professional think "What an idiot". But they never intimated or mocked this.

So many times you can be even further along in negotiations and discussion - texting, messaging etc and suddenly the trail runs cold. Dead. And in these times of late, things are so very uncertain. Particularly in the entertainment industry. So thanks to you, kind individual. I can only wish you the very, very best in the future. May you win an Oscar, one day. And even more so, I will happily cheer you on. With that email, you made a random person feel they were heard - even for a second.  

Stay safe, and thanks for reading.